Body by Nature

First, I would like to offer a sincere Mahalo Nui Loa to Char Ravelo and other members of the Kauai Health & Wellness Association for all the hard work to put on a conference like this in a few short months. Secondly, our Mahalo to Beth Tokioka and the Kauai Economic Development Board for supporting [...]

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Dwelling in the House of Being

How do we honor being in the body on a daily basis?  Can we live continuously in the present….aware of the miracle  of our own physical  existence,  and that of everyone around us? Are we inhabiting our bodies as these marvelous garments of flesh and bone,  that give us the physicality necessary to  engage in [...]

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Honor your body

Honor your body, and the body of the earth, for they are One A passionate love for being alive in this body has flowed through me since before my first awareness. It is what I took in with my first breath, true inspiration… but it was instilled into the molecules of my being with the dancing [...]

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Aloha Soup

Late Friday afternoon I made a spicy ginger carrot soup...a great immune booster and soul lifter, when you’ve had about four days of nonstop, flooding rains!  The golden orange soup transforms a clammy blue afternoon.  I planned to visit my mom for dinner and this soup is just the thing to pep you up with [...]

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For Kauai Magazine

Virginia is a regular columnist at For Kauai Magazine. Her articles may be found by clicking here.

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