How do we honor being in the body on a daily basis?  Can we live continuously in the present….aware of the miracle  of our own physical  existence,  and that of everyone around us?

Are we inhabiting our bodies as these marvelous garments of flesh and bone,  that give us the physicality necessary to  engage in lives of love,  creative  fulfillment and contribution?

Do we truly dwell in the House of Being?

Or are we dragging through our lives like one long “to do” list, putting up with discomforts,  ignoring our bodies’  messages,  as though we can reschedule Life to a more convenient  time?

Where we run into trouble on a daily basis is that we mistakenly think we can live in the house of our minds.    What  seems to work,  is to create ongoing practices that allow us to restore ourselves to the full awareness of this present  moment,  and how precious it is just to have the opportunity of embodiment… to be alive in this place, this time,  even to the moments of upset.

What  I love about the Trager®  approach to discomfort,  is that it addresses the whole Being.   Dr. Trager said that “For every physical  manifestation,   there is an underlying psychological  condition.”

Trager® allows  one to re-enter  the House of Being in an entirely comfortable way.   In the restorative movements and gentle,   sensitive  touch , deep work  is done below the threshold of consciousness,  allowing the body to release accumulated tensions and enter into a deeply  integrated state.

Mental images of past events and stressors, simply collapse and evaporate as some of the

energy patterns stored in the connective tissue and neuromuscular pathways are released.

Trager® sessions are similar to oil free massage,  but incorporate more motion than most other forms of body work.   Every movement  is done inside the individual’s  “Circle of Safety”…so there is no motion  to cause  pain or activate   the body’s alarm system.

The practitioner  engages  your body in gentle,  rhythmic rocking;  stretching,  pain free motions that unfold your cramped musculature,   and ease tight joints into spacious freedom,  while gently relaxing your consciousness

Our bodies are alive only in this present moment.  There is no past,  here.  Nor is there any future.   Show me your precious past breath…. can you do this?  Of course not.  The notions of past and future live only in your mental  processing,  an artifact of the mind.

The mind is a great  place to visit,  but you definitely don’t want  to live there.

It is a very colorful and inventive world, but there are no truly nourishing elements such as oxygen,  water,  green and growing plants to feed us life energy… nor do we have contact with  the sky,  ocean,  earth or other living beings inside the multidimensional,   fantastic world of our own creation.

The majority of our stressors come from our own mental  processing,  and our interactions with the artifacts of mental  processing.  Artificial light and time zones,  the electronic world of communication,  (which  allows visual and auditory data to come flowing  toward  us at rates unacceptable to  our own natural  rhythms),  and global relationships  all cause us to attempt  to live outside our normal boundaries… outside our physical body limits.

While what we commonly refer to as “the mind” can attempt  to juggle all this data,  it comes  at a very high price.  Not just the price of the money that must be generated in order to accumulate the “toys” that create  all the interconnected and wireless relationships,   but also the high toll it takes  on our systems to try and live outside the present  moment.

Every thought  form has an electrochemical signal that is translated throughout the entire neuro-chemical  field  of the  body.  Each new piece of information  causes musculoskeletal reactions…even though some of them  are very tiny,  and may occur below the threshold of our conscious awareness.

So every time we interact with new information,  whether  it is the internet  we choose,  the multi-sensorial ,  multi-channel  noise of commercial shopping environments,    or world events  being forced upon us in multi-channel  split screen formats, (which thereby split our attention, ) our whole system has to react and adapt.

We think we are “tuning out” distracting noise and information overload.  But we aren’t.

We are learning to shut down our senses,  to limit our capacities in order to survive in the world we have created.   Shutting down comes at great  cost,  because as we become less and less sensitive to what  is irritating or painful,  we begin  to damage ourselves.

In returning to our body,  to our present  breath,  our present  state of tension or relaxation, of Awareness  or distraction…..we are restored to life once more.  The Life is in the body,  which is where we live and dwell and source our Being…. not in the empty shell of the mind.

In working with my clients  of every nationality,  every walk of life,  the response to Trager® neuromuscular sessions  is the same… huge smiles, lots of stretching and wiggling, and the comment,  “I feel so good,  so peaceful.   I remember I used to feel like this”.    To which  I respond,  “Welcome home.  You are restored to the Present”.

In returning to the Present,  again and again, through  our work,  our love,  our worship, yoga,  meditation,   activities  in the outdoor world of Kaua’i or wherever  you live,  appreciating Nature,   devoted care for family members ,  pets, or our gardens… In all these things, we are returning  Home to Life.    And it is good.

All love,  joy and creativity  live in this Present moment with you.   May the Blessings Be.

Virginia Beck, CNP, is a Certified Trager® Practitioner.  635-5618

She is also a Women’s  Health Nurse Practitioner  for West Kauai Clinic,  335-0579